Meet Our Artists

Jenny Carlile

Jenny Carlile is the owner and visionary behind Niche. She has been in the jewelry and creative industry for over 20 years where she excels in designing one of a kind jewelry using creative color schemes and textures.  She has a vast knowledge of beads and natural stones and so many other gifts and talents that include making beautiful crosses and works of art out of driftwood, shells, sea glass and all different kinds of sparkly embellishments and adornments. She paints realism in oils and abstracts in acrylics and resin.  Jenny loves antique and vintage jewelry, accessories, furniture.  She has collected rocks and crystals for many years. You will find many unusual and eclectic things in her shop and studio that she has made, repurposed, or found somewhere along her journeys.  She is an absolute joy to be around and loves to teach and give back to the community.


Judy Foster has enjoyed arts and crafts for most of her life. During her 37 year career as an educator, she has incorporated art into the classroom, after school programs, and conducted after school workshops for staff and friends. Since retiring as an Elementary Principal in 2016, she has dedicated much of her time to painting, crafts, and interior decorating.

Judy is primarily a self-taught artist, though, she has taken a few fundamental art classes at NMSU. She is a Pinterest and U-Tube junkie and occasionally enrolls in an on-line class. Judy enjoys “Flea Market Flip” and loves turning trash into treasures. She has dabbled in several mediums of painting and is currently enjoying abstract acrylic designs using fluid pour paint techniques and resin/epoxy. Mid Century style abstracts, sea and landscapes, geodes, and rodeo animals are a few of the themes recently commissioned. Her Mid Century abstract pour paintings are greatly influenced by Jackson Pollock, 1912-1956 Abstract Impressionist. He was known for “splatter” and “pour” painting.

Judy has recently been blessed to hang many of her paintings to sell at the Niche and has been delighted to teach workshops and paint classes. She is also an interior design consultant and will commission paintings and projects to match your decorating desire. Judy is continually learning and growing in this creative field and love sharing it with others.


Mary is an artist and a writer.  She loves making jewelry using natural stones and beautiful center pieces.  Mary is a collector of beads, rocks and crystals.  She is half Native American Indian and loves Native American Jewelry and artifacts.  She is skilled in painting in acrylics, making eye catching dream catchers and amulets out of organic fibers, feathers and natural embellishments.  Mary has an extraordinary eye for color and makes beautiful jewelry with eye popping color combinations.  She has a profound knowledge of stones and beads.


Kasey Lench has a background in product design and product management. Ever since she was a child she has been a curious creator. She has experience in prototyping, wood working, 3D design, graphic design, sewing, and painting. Her favorite hobbies are traveling, gardening, building things, playing with her dogs, and experimenting in the kitchen.