About Us

Niche was founded by artist and Inspirationalist Jenny Bolton in 2020. Jenny has been in the jewelry and creative industry for over 20 years where she learned about designing one of a kind jewelry using creative color schemes and textures.  She has a vast knowledge of beads and natural stones and so many other gifts and talents that include making beautiful crosses and works of art out of driftwood, shells, sea glass and all different kinds of sparkly embellishments and adornments.  She paints realism in oils and abstracts in acrylics and resin.  Jenny loves antique and vintage jewelry, accessories and furniture.  She has collected rocks and crystals for many years.  You will find many unusual and eclectic things in her shop and studio that she has made, repurposed or found somewhere along her journeys.  Among many other skills. She is an absolute joy to be around and loves to teach and give back to the community.